Investment League Videos

Investment League: Making a Debut

We meet the three friends – Karan, Cyrus and Prashant – who advise each other on investment decisions. Karan and his wife Priya are looking to invest their surplus funds. While Cyrus wants them to consider investing in stock markets, Priya’s friend Sid introduces them to a new investment opportunity – Peer-to-Peer Lending. They research the opportunity and decide to invest on, India’s largest NBFC-P2P lending platform.

Investment League: Scoring a Hattrick

Karan invests on with a target of making 15%-20% p.a returns by year-end. He uses smart tools like Auto-Invest to build a diversified portfolio by investing small amounts across a large number of loans. Happy with the monthly EMIs, Karan reinvests the EMIs to enjoy the benefits of compounding returns. Good returns, monthly income and satisfaction – It’s a Hattrick!

Investment League: Making a Clean Sweep

Happy with the high returns and monthly income generated Karan increases his investments on the platform while Priya, encouraged by strong processes, edgy technology and ease of investing on opens her own account and starts investing on