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Faircent has funded Business loans at
interest rates as low as 12% p.a.

The Faircent Advantage

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No intermediary costs and margins leading to lowest rates

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Borrow directly from trusted lenders, without visiting a bank

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Get the funds required to grow expand or run your business at your terms.

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You can get funded within hours after your loan is listed.

The Faircent Experience

Mamtaa Gupta, who runs a fashion and lifestyle store in Delhi, said that after borrowing a Rs 5 lakh collateral-free loan from HDFC bank, she preferred to take another Rs 5 lakh from Faircent.com due to the low interest rate. According to her, accessing capital for a small business is still a challenge but the process followed by Faircent.com was easy and fast.

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Faircent Business Loan

As a business owner, you may have faced sudden requirement of funds. This could be to expand business operations, fulfil inventory requirements or for any other reason that would enable you to grow your business. A business loan taken on Faircent.com, India’s largest Peer to Peer Lending website can be your best option with interest rates upto 4% lower than banks and fast, easy access to funds.

At Faircent.com, borrowers deal directly with registered lenders thereby removing intermediary costs and margins of banks and financial institutions ensuring you get the best interest rates. Based on the financial documents submitted by you, the automated underwriting engine at Faircent determines the maximum loan amount, rate of interest and the loan tenure at which you can avail your business loan.

The recommended rate of interest ranges from 12% p.a. to 28% p.a. and the loan tenure ranges from 6 months to 36 months. An individual can take a loan for business purposes up to ₹ 10 lacs. For e.g. an individual borrowing ₹ 2 lacs for 24 months @18% p.a. will have an EMI of ₹ 9985/- per month.

In order to assess your profile, process and list your business loan requirement Faircent charges a small fee of Rs. 500/-. This is adjustable against your processing fees payable only after your loan is through. So, register today to list your business loan requirement and avail the lowest interest rates.

Faircent is the pioneer in India’s peer to peer lending market.

It is facilitating individual lenders to invest directly for higher returns and enableing credit worthy borrowers to lower costs on loans.


Started in 2014, in less than 2 years more than...

  • 25,816 Lenders have joined us
  • 254,810Borrowers have joined us
  • 2,988 Lacs Committed to lend
  • 2,274 Lacs Loans funded so far

Faircent in the Media

Peer to peer lending facilitator Faircent.com is eyeing business
transactions worth Rs. 2,000 crore in three to four years on rising demand for loans in the country



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