How can I empower women borrowers and earn high returns?

Faircent celebrates Indian women borrowers by enabling them to get access to quicker and cheaper credit to meet their personal expenses and to grow their business. These loans empower women borrowers to become much bigger contributors to their families and the Indian economy at large.

On Faircent you can contribute by investing in credit-worthy women borrowers listed on the platform as well as in group term loan products catering specifically to women entrepreneurs such as Social Impact Loans and Women Empowerment Loans.

Personal and Business Financing for Women

Faircent lists new loan requirements by credit-worthy women borrowers every day. These may be used to meet personal expenses such as medical emergencies, debt consolidation, wedding, education etc. or are used by women entrepreneurs to expand their business, meet working capital or inventory requirements.

Social Impact Loans

Social Impact Loans finance marginalized women from rural India to start their own small-scale businesses, support child education, procure essentials during emergencies etc.

Women Empowerment Loans

Women Empowerment Loans help marginalized women engaged in small and medium enterprises access organized credit to meet working capital requirements and support business enterprise such as purchasing fixed assets or installing additional machinery etc.

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