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1st NBFC-P2P regularised by RBI

Generate a Secondary Monthly Income

Join Lakhs of Individual Lenders

Widest Choice of Pre-verified Borrowers

Now even NRIs can fulfill the dreams of India's local business owners and earn high returns with Peer to Peer Lending (P2P).

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What is P2P Lending?

Peer-to-Peer Lending is a new method of debt financing that’s regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which allows you to lend and borrow money without the involvement of a financial institution. Being an online portal, P2P Lending generally operates with lower overhead costs as compared to traditional financial institutions or banks. As a result, borrowers can borrow money at lower interest rates and lenders can earn higher returns.

Why Invest for India's small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through P2P Lending?

Gives you an opportunity to earn like a bank

Regulated by

Diversification Avenue for your Portfolio

High Return

Generate Secondary Income

Compounding Benefits

What's In It For You As A Lender?

P2P Lending allows you as an individual to invest in loans and make returns in the form of interest. The loans are extended to borrowers on Faircent only after they have been thoroughly assessed for their stability, ability and intent to repay across 120+ parameters and properly verified. Faircent also ensures collection of security cheques / NACH mandates for direct debit of EMIs from the borrower's bank account and signing of legal agreements. A robust collections, recovery and legal process run by Faircent also helps to minimize risk to your capital. To make the most of P2P Lending, we recommended you to create a diversified portfolio of loans by lending small amounts to large number of borrowers across locations, loan types, risk categories etc. and re-invest to compound your returns.

Earn high returns
Month-on-month returns
Gives returns within 45 days from the day of investment
Mitigate risk via robust mechanisms
Secure and convenient investments through cutting-edge technology
Data & Analytics optimal returns
Reinvest to compound returns
Widest choice of Loan Products to invest in
15 Lakh+ borrowers onboarded

How Is It Better Than Other Investment Options?

The annual returns from Saving Accounts are at 3.5% p.a., PPF & NSC at 7.6% p.a. and FDs at 7-8% p.a. These returns are lower or at par with the average inflation rate (6.07% p.a.). Real Estate requires very heavy investments, Stock Markets are extremely volatile and require investors with high risk appetites whereas Mutual Funds need long-term investments in order to generate high returns.

If you are looking for an optimal way to meet your future financial needs, invest in P2P Lending and earn high returns. What’s more, the Reserve Bank of India (as on 4th October, 2017) has decided to regulate the P2P Lending industry and created a new class of NBFC (NBFC-P2P), thereby providing more credibility to P2P Lending as a platform to invest in.

Why lend on Faircent?

Faircent.com is India's 1st registered NBFC-P2P platform and has been operational for over 5 years. With the support of pedigree investors and a management that has decades of experience in the internet and financial services industries, Faircent.com offers P2P lending, a new asset class which helps investors earn high returns and that too month-to-month.

India’s Largest P2P Platform with Lakh of registered lenders and borrowers
1st NBFC-P2P regularised by RBI
Lakhs of loans disbursed in the last 12 months
Tech-enabled platform to facilitate risk management
Widest choice of Pre-verified borrowers
Thousands of crores of rupees disbursed.

Awards & Recognitions

Mandatory documents required to register as a lender:

  1. Scanned copy of the NRO bank account canceled cheque
  2. PAN card
  3. Address Proof of the overseas address - permanent and for corresspondence purpose.
  4. Passport copy is mandatory. Relevant pages of passport having name, photo, date of birth and address should be submitted.
  5. Recent Photo
  6. If the customer is from the Merchant Navy, then the person needs to submit a mariner's declaration or certified copy of the Continuous Discharge Certificate.

As per RBI guidelines for NBFC-P2P, a lender investing in P2P Lending in India should ensure that there is no international transfer of funds. Hence, an NRI can invest on Faircent.com through an NRO (Non-resident ordinary rupee) account only.

Once the KYC is completed, the account is activated within hours, NRIs can log in through the website using their email ID and password or download the app from google/apple store and access their unique dashboard. To start investing, they must add money to their escrow wallet from their NRO account. More information is available on the dashboard.