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Looking to invest your money? Well, we have just the ‘FD’ for you

Presenting Faircent Double, a P2P investment option on India’s largest P2P lending platform.Through Faircent Double, you can invest in loans directly given out to India’s creditworthy individuals and small businesses, and earn stable and high returns, just like you would in a bank

Show me how you deliver
stable high returns

Various lenders, just like you, invest money in a plan of their choice. The money is pooled in a single corpus
Loans are disbursed to borrowers only with a healthy credit score (rates from 10% p.a. to 36% p.a.)
Data science and algorithms automate portfolio management and optimize returns
Loans are collected back using analytics-based methods, backed by a strong recovery process
The loan repayments are pooled, and you are paid back up to 12% p.a., based on your chosen plan.
Our fees are performance-linked, payable only when you have earned the returns as per your investment plan
Your money can be reinvested to enable it to generate compounded returns.

For consistent and stable returns up to 12% p.a.,


You can choose your plan based on your needs. Whether it’s a fixed corpus to buy your dream car, a source of secondary, passive income, or even having the option of withdrawing money whenever you want, our range of plans suit your every need.

Ready to earn high returns, the way you want them?



Monthly in-depth status reports; no guesswork
Comprehensive Investment Dashboards, with just the date you need.
Dedicated executive to answer your questions
Performance-linked fee
Seamless liquidation on returns
Regular Loan Portfolio disclosures, to keep you updated all the time.
Aggregate portfolio mix reports covering:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Product Mix
  • Collection Performance
  • Credit History
  • Education
  • Employment Type
26-30 Years
31-40 Years
41-50 Years
50+ Years
21-25 Years
Self Employed (53%)
Salaried (47%)

Want high returns with complete transparency?

Show me your track record

₹3,391 Crores+
Amount disbursed
2.5 Lakhs+
Lenders have joined us
39.73 Lakhs+
Borrowers have joined us
₹3.29 Lakhs
Average Investment size
Reinvestment ratio
Gross ROI of portfolio
Average Loan Amount

Impressed with our track record? Let us show you the money!

Can you Answer my Questions?

Q: What is Faircent Double?

A: Faircent Double aims to provide lenders with an investment option that helps them achieve portfolio efficiency without compromising on lender’s choice to free his funds. Lenders can benefit from a portfolio that can deliver stable returns without spending too much time and effort. Interested lenders pool in their money and authorize Faircent to disburse this into a diverse mix of loans and loan products offered to borrowers who as per Faircent’s algorithms have the repaying capacity to provide aggregate returns of up to 12% p.a. The product offers many plans with varied tenures.

Q: Why are there so many different types of plans available in Faircent Double?

A: Basis their investment objective, every lender has a different liquidity to return appetite from their funds. The various plans of Faircent Double have different tenure options from 1 day to up to 36 months. Similarly, lenders can choose from plans wherein both principal and interest is locked in during tenure or where they earn monthly income through interest credited to their escrow account. Thus, lenders can choose the plan that best suits their desire to maintain liquidity of their investments while earning returns.

Q: How is the Faircent Double portfolio built?

A: The portfolio is built by disbursing to a diverse mix of loans and loan products that as per Faircent’s algorithm have the capacity to deliver high aggregate returns. The algorithm cherry-picks the borrowers basis various parameters such as credit history, financial behavior, occupation, geographical location, education, demographics etc.

Q: How is the Faircent Double portfolio built to minimize risk?

A: Faircent Double portfolio is built and managed through a conservative approach and various steps are taken to mitigate risk:
  • 1.   Diversification across many loan-segments basis tenure, interest rate, industry mix and borrower profile through an algorithm based on years of experience in credit data analytics.
  • 2.   More effective spread across a large number of borrowers and loan products through analytics driven strategy.
  • 3.   Reinvestment of monthly interest received, which are diverted to less riskier buckets using a scientific approach to portfolio management.
  • 4.   The portfolio is closely monitored, regular re-calibration and course correction is undertaken.

Q: How are defaults managed under Faircent Double plan?

A: For loans under Faircent Double plan, analytics driven collection strategy has been formulated to minimize defaults. Defaulter’s data is scrubbed regularly, and concentrated effort is made towards recovery.

Q: What is the Lender processing fee payable payable in Faircent Double?

A: There is no lender processing fee for Faircent Double. Faircent charges a fee for managing the pool of loans. The portfolio management fee is performance-linked. Hence, Faircent is only able to earn a fee when the plan delivers. For eg. If the net returns post default (if any) is 15% p.a. and the return on loans to be provided to lender as per the plan selected is 12% p.a, then the Faircent Portfolio Management Fee will be 3%. If the net returns post default (if any) is 11.5% p.a. then the lenders will receive 11.5% while Faircent will not receive any Portfolio Management Fee in such cases.

Q: How is Liquidity provided by Faircent??

A: Liquidity is provided by Faircent via the following mechanisms:
  • 1.   Liquidity can be provided from returns generated as and when borrowers pay back their loans. The Lender Escrow Account is a pool of funds through which P2P loans are disbursed to Borrowers. The interest paid by the borrowers helps generate returns for the lenders. The loans have a fixed tenure, and repayment from these loans is spread over the tenure of the loan. Such loan repayments generate the funds available for providing liquidity to lenders. Loan Defaults and delayed repayments from borrowers affect the amount of funds available for providing liquidity.
  • 2.   Liquidity can be provided by other lenders to whom loans can be transferred. These other lenders take over the opportunity to earn returns from the loan portfolio. Such take over of loans by other lenders adds to funds available for providing liquidity
Faircent offers Liquidity only on a best-effort basis. Faircent shall not be liable or responsible for any delay in or non-availability of Liquidity.
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Want high returns with complete transparency?