Use the power of Data Science and Compounding to earn up to 12% p.a. (Flat) returns by investing in loans to India’s creditworthy small businesses and consumers with the Faircent Double.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000

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Password can't be blank.
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I have read and agreed to the Terms Of Use and Privacy and Security Policy I have understood all the risks associated with the lending transactions such as the likelihood of loss of entire principal in case of default by a borrower. I am aware that does not assure return of principal or payment of interest.
I authorize to make any enquiries with any finance company or bank or credit bureau regarding my credit history.
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Key Features

Invest using Data Science

Unique Diversification Algorithm

Performance linked Processing Fees

Liquidity after selected tenure

Non-Volatile Flat Returns

Stable and High Returns

Low correlation with stock market

Constant Portfolio Monitoring for Recalibration

How does the Faircent Double work?

  • Interested lenders pool in their money and authorize Faircent to disburse this into a diverse mix of loans offered to borrowers who as per Faircent’s algorithms have the repaying capacity to provide aggregate returns of up to 12% p.a.
  • Leveraging the power of data and analytics, a scientific approach is used for portfolio building. This helps you save time and energy while achieving efficiency in managing your portfolio.
  • Portfolio is constantly monitored and recalibrated. Analytics based approach to collection strategy and execution.
  • Portfolio offers loans to credit-worthy borrowers with proven track records and a healthy credit score, and a majority have no defaults in their loan servicing history.
  • Processing Fees are only payable after you have earned the returns as per your investment plan. Eg. If the net returns post default are 15% p.a. and the lender has chosen tenure option with 12% p.a. (Flat) returns, then the Faircent Performance linked processing fee will be 3%. If the net returns post default (if any) are 11.5% p.a. and the lender has chosen tenure option with 12% p.a. (Flat) returns, then the lender will receive 11.5% p.a., while Faircent performance linked processing fee will be nil.
  • Reinvestment option available to benefit from compounding returns.

Why is India’s largest P2P lending platform and first to be recognized as an NBFC-P2P by the Reserve Bank of India. It provides you with a digital platform to invest directly in India’s local businesses through a variety of loan products enabling you to diversify your investment portfolio and earn stable and high returns just like a bank.

India's Largest P2P lending platform with Lakhs of registered lenders and borrowers

1st NBFC-P2P Regulated by RBI

Lakhs of loans seamlessly disbursed every month

Tech-enabled platform to facilitate risk management

Simple, transparent and online investing experience seamlessly managed by Faircent

Rs.2500+ Crores loan amount disbursed till date

Awards & Recognitions is recognised in India and the world over for its tremendous potential as a P2P Lending platform.

Here’s what Mr. Sharad Sharma, an Faircent Double investor has to say:

"Faircent Double is a great option to earn flat returns on my investment while also helping to increase my portfolio stability. Knowing that my investment is going to India's local business owners has been a very fulfilling experience. has made the process really very simple."